Clinical Consulting for SUD and Mental Health Treatment

Integrated treatment is the trend of the future. Providing addiction and mental health treatment in primary care settings is an area of frequent questions. Dr. Martinez has experience in the implementation of clinical programs integrating treatment, from placing behavioral health treatment into primary care and placing medical treatment into addiction and mental health settings.

Business Consulting for Behavioral Health

Maintaining clinical quality with financial sustainability is frequent struggle for Substance Use Disorder Treatment Organizations. Business consulting can help the bottom-line by reducing expenses and finding additional funding sources while maintaining (and often improving) clinical quality.

Forensic Consulting and Expert Witness for Addiction

Dr. Martinez is an expert in Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry. He has acted as an expert witness for cases related to drug and alcohol use. At Matrix Institute on Addictions, as CEO he oversaw an intensive outpatient program through the San Bernardino County Drug Court.